The group conducted debriefing assessment for senior executives

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Published on: 2022-10-09 19:13
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At the beginning of the New Year, everything looks new.


In the first week after the New Year, the group company used two days in the conference room on the third floor of the group headquarters (or online) to conduct a debriefing assessment for middle and senior managers.


The middle and senior managers who participated in the reporting assessment summarized the work of the past year in detail, planned and projected the work of the New Year, and scored the basic situation, existing problems, improvement measures and the next work arrangement in four aspects.


 It is necessary for the group company to strengthen the responsibility and goal consciousness of the middle and senior managers, promote the middle and senior managers to constantly improve their management behavior in practical work, and promote the continuous performance improvement of employees and departments.


It is the need of deepening the company's original performance assessment and qualification management system, and constantly enhancing the company's overall core competitiveness;


It is to strengthen the cooperation between departments, so that all departments and their managers in order to achieve the overall goals of the company or superior departments to form a community of responsibility and interests.


Through the reporting report, the middle and senior managers fully realize that the core of enterprise management lies in the effective management of the middle and senior management and the backbone, especially the enterprise is promoting the amoeba business model, more need of the wisdom of the middle and senior managers, to resolutely overcome the status quo, lazy thinking;


Self-opinionated conservative thinking;


Reckless, methodless thinking;


Narrow-minded thinking of smallholder consciousness;


The egotism, the whining, the egotism.


Action can only be effective if the goal is clear;


Only thorough consideration can be carried out firmly.


In the future, the group will carry out the reporting assessment of middle and senior management every year, and strengthen the responsibility consciousness, service consciousness, responsibility consciousness and global consciousness of middle and senior management through competition.


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