Hailin TV station came to our company for an interview

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Published on: 2022-10-09 19:14
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On February 17, 2022, Hailin TV station interviewed our company under the leadership of Hailin Development Zone, which was a full affirmation of our past work from Hailin Development Zone, especially from hailin Municipal Committee and Government, and also full of confidence for our group company's work in 2022.


The reporting team led by the leaders of the development zone first visited the screw workshop of the manufacturing corporation and expressed their admiration for the beautiful environment, advanced equipment and especially the high morale of the staff. Shen Haibo, general manager of the manufacturing Corporation accompanied the reporting team and accepted the exclusive interview with the reporters.


In 2021, we overcame the impact of many adverse factors, such as the continuous epidemic at home and abroad and the unfinished restructuring, especially in the face of the market has never been severe, we do not wait, do not rely on, do not want to carry forward, with heavy burden, under the strong support of mudanjiang and Hailin party Committees and governments, through the joint efforts of all staff,


The goals of the group have been steadily and orderly promoted with a good momentum of development.


In 2022, we will live up to the ardent hopes of leaders at all levels and strive to build Tianhe Oil Technology (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. into integrated centers of R & D, Global Sales, after-service, tool rental management and assembly & manufacturing.


Deepen the cooperation with Beijing Jiuhuan Technology Co., LTD., jointly promote international high-end market development and supply chain finance and other deep-level business development model;


Continue to strengthen the construction of sales team, improve sales staff's professional skills, comprehensive quality, service consciousness, teamwork consciousness;


Vigorously promote the development of leasing business, and strive to increase and generate income of idle plants and equipment through various effective forms;


Continue to deepen the internal management, in the company to establish a set of management system, "order is line, ban is stop", really achieve the system landing, according to the law to govern the enterprise;


Through the continuous introduction of talents, strengthen the research and development of technology and new products, expand innovation;


The implementation of "amoeba" business management mode;


Continue to strengthen and improve the performance appraisal system, and constantly improve the management ability and comprehensive quality of the management team.


We must strengthen the study, pay attention to the improvement of self-cultivation, overcome the "thought lazy, slow action";


Change the concept of "being content with the status quo and not trying to make progress";


Resist the behavior of "mediocre inaction and inadequate management", dare to innovate and change, devote yourself to work with a solid work style and positive work attitude, strive to successfully accomplish all work objectives in 2022, and strive to write a new chapter of tianhe reform and development.


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