Fulfill quality commitments with actions

Author: vch12401749
Published on: 2022-10-09 18:50
Classification: Industry News

It is not often said that "quality is the foundation of the enterprise, quality is the enterprise and life", and reputation is the key to establish the corporate image. I remember a Japanese entrepreneur, Tu Guangfu, once said, "there is no ship that can't sink, no enterprise that can't close down, everything depends on people's efforts." As a manufacturing enterprise, the production process and quality control are closely linked. Every subtle link requires employees to work seriously and professionally. If it is not very serious, it will cause potential accidents.

Especially as our front-line employees, if the technical work is not careful and in place, it will cause problems in production quality, that is, it may lead to unqualified products and even endanger the life safety of drug users. Therefore, as an enterprise employee, I resolutely require myself to achieve "technical independence and overall coordination". There is an old saying: words must be done, and deeds must bear fruit! In order to achieve this, no matter how specific and complicated the small things are, I will persevere to implement them to the end! Because I understand that producing qualified products is my urgent mission! Therefore, although the heavy production task makes me busy, I will stick to it without hesitation in order to ensure the product quality!



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