YTQC type string magnetic is one of the auxiliary tools to ensure normal drilling operation and bottom hole cleaning after downhole accident treatment. The main feature of this product is that it works together with the junk mill in the fishing operation, which is different from the previous practice of lifting the drill after milling, and then connecting the drill string with the strong magnetic fishing device to go down the well for bottom hole cleaning, saving a trip down the well, which saves both drilling costs and fishing time.

Drop-In Check valves prevent return flow during a kick and are suitable for most drilling situations in which return flow through the drill string is a risk and normal operation requires the benefits of a full-bore sub. By preventing upward flow through the drill pipe and allowing fluid to be pumped downward to circulate the well, the valves provide the driller with the means to control the drill pipe pressures when required, significantly improving and simplifying well control.

The multiple activation by-pass valve is a set of short circuit that can be opened and closed for many times. It is generally installed in special drilling tool assemblies such as directional drilling, speed raising, logging while drilling, etc. It can open and close the bypass hole in time for special operations according to downhole working conditions, enhance the applicability of special drilling tool assemblies, improve production efficiency, and reduce well control risks.

The non-rotating casing scraper is one of the indispensable auxiliary tools for well completion, testing and downhole operations. Its main purpose is to remove cement, sand, scratches, paraffin, burrs and other attachments on the inner wall of the downhole casing, protect the cleanness of the inner wall of the casing, and facilitate the normal operation of all drilling tools.

Section mills are primarily used to milling sections in the casing (for side tracking, gravel packing)

and perforation zones. TIANHE section mill is available in a variety of Casing sizes, ranging from

4 1/2" to 13 3/8". The blades are all dressed to enable simultaneously milling of the casing. The milling rate is usually limited by the ability of the fluid in removing the cuttings.

Kelly is main driver of the whole drill string. It transmits torsional energy from the rotary table through the drill string to the bit at the bottom of the hole. TIANHE Kelly is a long square or hexagonal, precision machined heavy steel bar that is supported by the swivel through the rotary table and is connected to the first joint of drill pipe in the drill string.

Straightness of the kelly is very crucial in the manufacturing process, thus straightness inspections are carried out before, during and after each machining operation. The flats are precision-milled to API specifications. All milling processes are performed on specially designed rigid Kelly mills to ensure tight tolerances and high quality drive sections. Each TIANHE Kelly is furnished with a pressed steel thread protectors.

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