Downhole motor is a kind of downhole dynamic drilling tool driven by the power of drilling mud. Mud stream from the outlet of a mud pump flows through a by-pass valve into the motor. This stream produces pressure loss at both inlet and outlet of the pump, to push the rotor into rotating, and to transmit the torque and speed onto the bit. The downhole motor property mainly depends on its property parameters.

Spiral Grooving In order to reduce differential pressure sticking, the surface of drill collars can be spiral-grooved.note 1-Loss of weight is approximatively 4%, compared to slick drill collars. note 2-Length of spiraled section allows reconditionning of connections.

TIANHE non-magnetic drill collars are made from non-magnetic steel bars with low-strength by combining a proper chemical analysis and rotary hammer forging process with low magnetic permeability and excellent machinability. It will not interfere with the specialized directional equipment but rather will enhance the performance of the drilling operation.

Heavy Weight Drill Pipe (HWDP) is an intermediate weight drill stem component which is used in conjunction with the drill pipes and drill collars. TIAnHE HWDP is available in standard, spiral and nonmagnetic designs. In some applications, heavy-weight drill pipes also can be used instead of the drill collars.

TIANHE Integral Blade Stabilizer (IBS) is a one piece rotating stabilizer which can be placed near bit or higher in the drill string. It is a one piece construction manufactured from high strength alloy steel (non-magnet steel optional), that prevents differential sticking of the drillstring by stabilizing the BHA and keeping drill collars and drill pipes away from the borehole wall. This reduces vibration, drill pipe whirl, and wellbore tortuosity; furthermore, the stabilization maintains drilling trajectory whether drilling straight, horizontal, or directional wells.

TIANHE non-rotating stabilizer (rubber sleeve stabilizer) is able to avoid blade wear and wall damage during drilling. The non-rotating stabilizer consists of mandrel, copper washer, rubber sleeve, spacer sleeve and self-locking lower sub. During drilling, the non-rotating stabilizer transfers the torque by means of mandrel. The rubber sleeve is sliding and moving relative to the mandrel and it plays a role in stabilizing the well. A locking clutch (self-locking lower sub) will help to avoid sleeve rotation during washover operation.

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